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Misericordia’s Redevelopment

Misericordia Health Centre, building on its vision of ambulatory excellence and compassionate care designed for an aging population, is replacing the aging Maryland South and Sherbrook buildings in two distinct phases.


The Maryland South building was demolished to make way for a new two-storey health complex showcasing expanded and new programs:

Buhler Eye Care Centre: this provincial centre, the largest in Western Canada and home to the MHC Eye Bank, was consolidated and expanded to include a new University of Manitoba Ophthalmology Residency Program. Ophthalmologists perform 25,000 eye assessments and treatments annually, and more than 12,000 eye surgeries including cataract, retinal and corneal transplants.

Ambulatory Diagnostic Centre: the diagnostic imaging department and Diagnostic Services Manitoba laboratory were relocated to be in closer proximity to both Urgent Care and Ambulatory Care, increasing the speed MHC can assess and treat patients so as to decrease lengths of stay.

PRIME: opening in spring 2015, this new health centre for seniors will complement MHC’s existing Long-Term Care programs while meeting the referral demands of the initial PRIME site at Deer Lodge Centre. PRIME - providing medical expertise, recreational and social activities, personal care, rehabilitation and support for families - is designed for seniors wanting to remain in their own homes for as long as possible

The 1906 Sherbrook building will be demolished and recreated to link the Cornish and Wolseley buildings. The new building will include a Chapel and other aesthetically-pleasing features, such as a dedicated front entrance with a two-storey glass-walled atrium.

Parallel to Phase 2, the Winnipeg Health Region is exploring the feasibility of building a Renal Dialysis Centre with an adjoining inpatient Chronic Care Unit for geriatric dialysis patients.

Learn more about redevelopment in our most recent update.

Questions about redevelopment? Email: redevelopment@misericordia.mb.ca

Redevelopment Photo Album

To view the larger format of each photo, please left-click on any of the thumbnail images below to start the 'photo album'.

This Sherbrook view is the signature image of MHC's redevelopment. A southwest view of our new two-storey health complex which will house the Buhler Eye Care Centre and the PRIME program, a day health centre for seniors. The end of construction will see our green space return to the Sherbrook side of the building. An overhead view of all main MHC buildings, old and new. The east view of the Sherbrook side of MHC's new look. A close up of the Sherbrook entrance. Sherbrook south view. From left, MHC President & CEO, Rosie Jacuzzi; MHC Board Chair, Kaye Dunlop; Rob Altemeyer MLA for Wolseley; Premier Greg Selinger; and Minister of Health, Hon. Theresa Oswald smile for the camera following a wind-blown construction announcement for the redevelopment project. Premier Greg Selinger takes the first shot at knocking down the existing Maryland building before BIRD construction crews take over. A view from the worksite - - premade piles are inserted into the ground to support the foundation of the future Maryland Building. IMG 7621 IMG 7639 IMG 7041 IMG 7622 IMG 7623 IMG 9357 IMG 9807 IMG 9817 IMG 9830 IMG 9834 IMG 00147 IMG 9918 IMG 0544 IMG 0554 IMG 0558 IMG 0566 IMG 0772 IMG 0790 rd-img_7807 rd-img_7781 rd-img_7780 rd-img_7773.2 rd-img_7752.2 rd-img_7748 rd-img_7742 rd-img_7740 rd-img_6153 rd-img_6114 rd-img_6111 rd-img_6097 rd-img_6075 rd-img_6065 rd-img_6052 rd-img_6049 lightbox and jquery conflictby VisualLightBox.com v5.9



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