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Misericordia Eye Care Centre is open 24/7 for eye emergencies.Ophthalmology

Our dynamic Buhler Eye Care Centre - including 14 in-patient beds - is the largest comprehensive surgical and treatment program in Western Canada. There are 25 surgical ophthalmologists on staff, many with subspeciality training, serving Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, the Territories and Nunavut.

We perform approximately 11,593 eye surgeries annually, including corneal transplants. More than 33,000 patients are seen in the ambulatory eye clinics for assessments and treatments, such as the new Lucentis injections - an innovative way to treat wet macular degeneration.

Complementing our centre of excellence is the new University of Manitoba Ophthalmology Residency Program, including a resident clinic and mock operating room where we train budding ophthalmologists. Read the latest University of Manitoba Department of Ophthalmology newsletter!

Our ophthalmologists provide 24-hour on-call services. We are also home to the Misericordia Eye Bank medical lab, where eye donations are used for transplantation and education. This medical lab is supported by the Eye Bank of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario.

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Misericordia Health Centre Nursing, Social Work and Occupational Therapy staff are available to provide eye related and health promotion / illness prevention sessions, eye care and adaptive counseling, glaucoma screening and post discharge follow up. For more information call (204) 788-8031.

Misericordia Health Centre – Ophthalmology Program has a Social Worker available to support you and your family on psychosocial issues which could impact functioning, recovery and your general well-being; also, could help locating, and arranging resources in the community to help you with grief, loss, change, stress and anxiety. Please call 204-788-8172.

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